A Place Called Here By Cecilia Ahern



This is my 2nd Cecilia Ahern novel after The Gift.
Didnt really know her before but i have watched P.S I love You years ago and i thought it was a sweet love story movie. Especially with the Irish ambience and accent.

My first novel in my thirties was actually by Elif Shafak. I stopped reading novel since medical school. I was too busy i guess. I used to read Barbara Cartland, Jude Deveraux, Sidney Sheldon, Virginia Andrews, and not forgetting all the Mills and Boon series when i was a teenager. Later, it seemed that i get occupied all the time.

I bought my first Elif’s at Istanbul Airport en route to Finland in last August. Somehow, airports steer my reading habit. Didn’t really have specific reason why i chose hers but i think the novel cover was lovely and welcoming for me. Elif is a very creative world best selling novelist. She is a turkish living in New York (i think). Both cecilia and elif have one thing in common. They have magical and mystical elements in their novels. True life stories, yet magical, mystical, full of imaginations and beyond reality. Makes you want to dig more n more.

A Place Called Here tells you where all the missing things and people go. They did not get lost. They merely not found and ended up in some other place.

Can’t wait to read my next Cecilia’s and Elif’s!

Bandar Seri Putra
27th January 2016

One thought on “A Place Called Here By Cecilia Ahern

  1. Assalamualaikum sister.
    Cecelia Ahern used to be one of my fav novel writer. I love reading novel to learn english. Sadly now haven’t gotten the chance yet to enjoy novel again. huhu. Enjoy reading Dr.! 🙂

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