Give Them Their Quality Time

cupcake naurah


One hectic yet meaningful day had gone.

These are the cupcakes that Naurah made with our neighbour’s daughter just before she broke her forearm.
She was asking to do baking with me so many times but I am not good at baking plus I was so occupied with lots of things around the house everyday.
She also wanted to do art & craft with me and again, the same reason was given.

And so I asked our good neighbour to have a baking session for these girls.
So while the cupcakes were in the oven, they went to play badminton. And then, the bad incident happened…

I wasn’t panicked or shocked or mad when I fetched Naurah at my neighbour’s. First thing I did was naturally following my emergency physician instinct, which I asked my neighbour for a long cloth or shawl so that I can make an arm sling out of it. Then I asked for a paracetamol. I knew the forearm was badly broken the exact moment I saw it.

While doing the first aid, I recalled my wish n dua’ that i asked from Allah the very night before. I wanted to spend more time with Naurah. Her own quality time and not mine. Not gardening or shopping. Nor house chores.

I cried during my dua’. I really did. I want her to be happy. Coz somehow I think she has the middle child syndrome and stuck with busy parents.

Allah granted my wish in His own way.
I wanted to spend time with Naurah. And he gave me that.

Naurah and I spent the whole 24 hours together at the hospital. I was her nurse, her butler, her helper, her companion and her Mother.

I learned my lesson in a hard way.
God definitely grants Mother’s dua’.

Therefore, every mother has to be extremely careful and honest for what she wishes for.
All wishes are dua’.

Please pray for all mothers.

#Godswill #motherslove #survivingwithoutmaid


Bandar Seri putra
14th December 2015

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