Facebook: Good Or Bad?


           Today, i had the chance attending a seminar organised by KMS held at UPM. It was an interesting seminar on Anak Digital VS Ibu Bapa Analog. Really, it was an eye opener, paradigm shifter and worldview reflector for me. I wish i could summaries it all in few words. But i am too exhausted and i am still oncall today. Second day of my weekend call, alhamdulillah i have just arrived in HUKM for my minimum 4 hours in the hospital straight from the seminar. Abi is already back at home to bring the kids for a movie. Maybe, later i will find some time to really write it properly.

Few interesting points…

1. It is to synergise and not to choose either one.

2. We have to digitalise ourselves since we know the evolvement and revolution is happening. And there is no way we gonna stop it. It is better to join them rather than being left behind. This is how we understand our children or even our spouse. Not forgetting the challenge of the generation gap.

3. But we must know the limitations. We must know the boundaries and we must know what are the bad ones like pornography, uncontrolled unknown networking, addiction n etc, etc..

4. Best point of all is not to use gadgets like ipad/games/smarphones as pacifier for kids. Previously, we blame the telly as their addiction. Also bcoz of same reason, telly is used as pacifier since they are babies.

5. We must know the signs and symptoms of internet or facebook addiction. This issue is very subjective and grey. Maybe we can assess ourselves. I have always thought of this since we all know usually addiction has its own scoring system like alcoholics with their CAGE questions.

And lastly, always BERSEDERHANALAH DI DALAM SETIAP PERKARA. “Sebaik-baik pekerjaan, adalah bersederhana.” -Hadith.

56000, Cheras.

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