Giving A Sincerity…

Yeay, today is the last day of school.

Yop, Naurah and Imad are so excited. They are so much looking forward for the school break. Especially for Yop and Naurah, today is literally their very last day in KMS.

So today, they have exchanging gifts session. It has been an annual thingy. Students are supposed to bring at least one souvinier to be exchange and it should be less than RM10 per item. So, despite being busy, i managed to buy some souviniers at a souvinier shop while on the way back from work yesterday. It was raining and heavily jammed, but alhamdulillah i reached home just nice before my husband departed for Kuala Terengganu.

Two beautiful photo frames,two artistic table clocks, two swinging dolphins, a keychain plus the wrappings and wishing cards. each of them only costs less than rm10 only! Thanks to the souvinier shop at Tesco Taman Midah, cheap but nice souvinier items are easily found. I find it absolutely relaxing doing this retail therapy. Maybe it is just my natural talent and hobby!  🙂

So, instead of wrapping the gifts at the shop, i did it all at home. i wanted the kids to see their presents. They were so excited and cant wait for the big day.

So when i picked them up this afternoon, i asked Yop and Naurah what did they get for their presents. Naurah got a Millionnaire indoor game and Yop got a plastic hand watch and an old used story book. At home, Muiz and Imad was fighting for the plastic watch.The watch has a torch lite on it. At the end, the watch hook went off and it cant be fastened any more.

Last year’s gift

Last year, Yop got a small hotel hand towel and a Buku Doa Harian. the gifts were alright, but Saif did not really like it. Naurah did not get anything since she has not yet entered KMS back then.

Cheap Gift VS Non Sincere Gift

I dont know, but i found that sincerity does show. No matter whether it is cheap or not the present is, your sincerity is transparent. You can choose to give a cheap and sincere gift, or, you can also give a cheap and non sincere gift. Which one is better? I am sure you all know the answer. I dont know whether we are super busy parents or not, but i do know a parent who just bought the presents this morning at 8-9am this morning at Tesco while on the way to KMS. It really touched my heart. Despite being busy at the hospital, this parent really took the effort to do so.

It is not because we have the money or time, but it is because we know the value. We know the children’s feelings when they got the ‘non sincere’ gifts. We also know how they feel because they are really excited in giving the presents to their friends. We also know that we should teach to our kids that giving should be with full of love and sincerity. And effort is part of sincerity. This good value should be nurtured so that they are natured. Giving is not just an act but it is about being truly sincere.

And, it is all the reflections of ourselves…

43000, Kajang.

One thought on “Giving A Sincerity…

  1. Salam Alayki, waiting so long for ur new N3, sampai x perasan already got 3… went to pasar malam BSP last few saturday, thought i saw u… takut salah org:-)

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