Holiday and working: a good or bad combination?

            This year i got to present my thesis at the Asian Conference for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) in Bangkok on 4th to 6th July. Luckily, i got UKM as a sponsor for the whole thing and probably it was my only big achievement for this year..Alhamdulillah..
So, i decided to do all the Conference bookings and payments since as early as January. But then in May, our maid decided to go home for a one month holiday. It was a bit risky thing to let her go. So, instead of booking A flight ticket for me, we decided to bring the whole family so that my hubby wont be left alone with the kids. It was a ‘tough’ decision. Working and a holiday, i wasn’t so sure either..

We were busy. So many things to do. With the Bangi new home and Ampang house to sell, to chase the treasury (pinjaman perumahan), a busy lawyer, my final exam, kids school to send and fetch, baby sitting, STC to run, ceramahs, oncalls, shifts, it was very hectic. We only got time to find the hotel at the last 3 days prior to the departure. We found Alhamdulillah, we decided to get one of the budget hotels at Sukhumvit 8. Never been in Thailand…a wrong decision could end up in a disaster.

The presidential suite at Royal Asia Lodge, is a 2 bedded suite, with a lounge, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Very simple and yet confortable for all 6 of us. Staffs were pleasant and friendly to our kids (except the Receptionist who were easily annoyed by the visitors’ queries). Breakfast was ok, but i wish there were more vegetarian choices. The laundry service was free.. err, I think..because we weren’t charged for any of it. We sent 2 big bundles down to the laundry twice and they were sent back to our room nicely cleaned and folded. And the 24 hours free Tuk tuk service was superb. Just press the bell at the designated wall, and the Tuk tuk will send and fetch you from and to the main road. It surprises me that no one actually vandalise the system and service. The bell is just located next to some massage parlor. Kalau kat Malaysia, abih dah budak2 dok tekan!

On the 2nd to 4th day in Bangkok, i was at the Conference, while darling hubby had to entertain the kids himself. With a stroller, hubby brought them all using the BTS (LRT) to the Sea World and lunches. Salute to my macho hubby who is not too skinny to lift the heavy stroller up and down the BTS you can see, not all stations are equipped with escalators and lifts. I managed to present my thesis at the conference with lots of guidance from my hubby too. He patiently listened to my presentation and commented on my performance as a public audience. He also patiently let me using the laptop till midnight while he himself has so many assignments to do. I had to use his laptop since my adaptor is not a 2 pin adaptor like his since in Thailand they are using the 2 pin plug. Sheesh..if only i knew..

The Conference itself was a great one. The food, the venue, the discussed topics, the people, the company..everything was great. The best about it was the walking distance along the sky walk from BTS station to the venue. Love the connection between the stations. Wish Malaysia had similar LRT connections. And finally, i had to meet so many friends and people. I had to meet the fatherly Prof Colin Robertson, but unfortunately just for a few short occasions. I was told he was seaching for me during the Conference Dinner, but unfortunately fate didn’t meet us together. InshaAllah, good friendship always lasts..

So, after the 3 days conference ended, we went to bring the kids for a sight seeing. This time, we booked a Muslim Cab driver, Bang Yana who is a Melayu Pattani originated from South Thailand. He is the cousin of Tasneem Sayorwan, a sister whom we know from facebook. We havent met her in person, but because of ukhuwwah in Islam, we feel very close to her. Instead of bringing the kids to the Floating Market or to the night cruise, we went to the Dream World theme park. We had so much fun. There were haunted house, 4-D movie, roller coaster, water cruise -Grand Canyon, the halal KFC, and so much more. It was a wonderful time, especially for the kids.

Not forgetting the shopping at the MBK Mall. People said the Chatuchak Market was a better place for souveniers but for us it is probably too crowded for small kids. So we ended up buying souveniers, key chains, a windbreaker jacket, black Raihan suit for hubby (only forRM140!), handbag, RM20 sandal for me (my 2 inches high Clarks conference shoes was killing me!), Thailand T shirts for everybody, a pair of beggy jeans for me, Thailand purses and perfumes (a 100ml Issey Miyake for RM70!). I wanted to find jeans for the kids but unfortunately only saw ones for adult. Personally i dont mind buying nice stuffs even though they are cheap. I remembered back in April when my friends and i brought Prof Colin shopping at the Petaling Streets and he bought many fake items for bargain prices. Even the Scottish Emergency Medicine Consultant shops for imitations!

At MBK Mall, we got to celebrate Yop’s birthday at one of the halal food shop (you can search halal stores using your iphone internet. It is so handy!). No cake for this year but definitely this birthday is going to be one of the most memorable ones. Happy 9th Birthday Yop!

Over all, even though it was hectic in Thailand with kids and hubby were left bored in the hotel while i was at the conference and halal food was not automatically handy plus Muiz was having high grade fever all along, i found Bangkok was very adventurously interesting. Not many couples would bring their young children to travel, unlike us, we took that challenge. Yes, I would love to go to Bangkok again but next time probably for a honeymoon. Would love to go to the Floating Market, Chatuchak Market and do the foot massage again (i had one pitstop at one of the parlor on the way back from the Conference dinner since my Clarks shoes was killing me).

So honey, where is our next adventure?

-Dr Nazhatul Muna aka Ummusaif

22 thoughts on “Holiday and working: a good or bad combination?

  1. Penantian yang sungguh sungguh lama 🙂

    Teringat masa saya kena wakil exhibition di PECIPTA satu masa dulu. Masa tu Ammar belum lahir. Bawa Umar dan suami . Selama 3 hari husband dan Umar ada just duk di hotel tapi banyak kali kena stay kat kl convention centre sebab Umar menyusu badan. banyak kali jugak Umar menangis sebab nak susu. Tambah pula masa yang lama duduk di sana, mungkin membuatkan dia tidak selesa. kejap-kejap jaga booth saya..kejap-kejap pergi tengok anak nangis dan susukan dia..:) kelam kabut juga.

    tapi lepas abis exhibition boleh la jalan2 pi aquaria..:)

    Alhamdulillah ummusaif dan keluarga dah pulang dengan selamat..:)

  2. Hmmm.. awak kene belajar utk jadi humble sikit. Jgn sbb dah popular jadi isteri us hasrizal naik kepala pulak. Saya tak kenal awak. Tapi komen2 awak dekat blog saifulislam saya tak suka. Harap jadi muhasabah.

    Saya harap awak jenis yang boleh terima teguran juga, bukan hanya pujian.

    Sekian minta maaf dan terima kasih.


    • salam.

      terima kasih dgn teguran.
      ya mmg saudara tak mengenali saya, begitu juga vice versa. maka sy tak ada hak utk judge saudara. tp terus terang sy mmg sejak azali mcm ni, sy tak perlu menumpang popular suami. dan tak suka pun suami sy popular/glamer. malah di awal2 dulu sy sering mengelak utk disapa ‘peminat’ suami. tp sekarang sy belajar menerima hakikat, bukan kami yg cari glamer. dh lumrah hidup, bila jd pendakwah, mmg lah org kenal. nk buat camana. so sy buat biasa aje, tak perlu lari2 atau berubah kerana org. ini lah sy sebenar. (kalau dok lari2 karang, org kata kita sombong pulak).

      dinamik dan versatile…
      malah kita pun tahu dlm berdakwah, ada macam2 bentuk utk menegur. lagi satu saya suka je buat komen gempak2, baru ada impak. br menusuk hati dan akal. itu aje. tp sy tidak sentiasa mcm tu.

      saya yakin kita semua sama..ingin kan islam gemilang. maka sama2lah kita berusaha ke arah itu.

      terima kasih kerana berdakwah sesama kita. wallahu a’lam.


    • pulakkk… saya pun tak mengenali ummusaif dan ustaz secara dekat cuma dari blog saja..dah nama pun tak berapa kena jadi bersangka baiklah untuk semua perkara..dah tak berapa kenal..kita pun tak tahu apa di hati dan diminda..

      pelik rasanya komen yang sebegini..

  3. As’salam…

    Ada benar kata Man tentang humble…mungkin Dr. Muna tak sengaja, so mungkin saya boleh beri contoh:

    “Not many couples would bring their young children to travel, unlike us, we took that challenge.”

    Molek kiranya gunakan perkataan lebih halus “Not many couples would bring their young children to travel, but for us, we took that challenge.”

    Contoh sahaja…harap diterima teguran ikhlas dengan hati terbuka.

  4. terpulang pada semua nak nilai saya camana.. Saya pun hairan camana orang tahu hati budi saya daripada penulisan diari saya ini.. Biarlah Allah sahaja menilai..

    Apa pun terima kasih atas teguran. Cuma saya nak bagitau, saya tak pernah niat nak bandingkan diri saya dgn orang lain semasa menulis diari hidup saya dalam ‘rumah’ saya ini. Ini cuma sebahagian dari kisah hidup saya. Niat saya cuma ingin share pengalaman saya sebagai seorang isteri, ibu dan dalam masa sama seorang doktor yang sibuk. Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman bagaimana saya menguruskan itu semua dalam masa kesibukan saya, itu sahaja. At same time juga, saya ingin berkongsi, bagi mereka yg ingin travel bersama anak2 kecil, apa yg anda perlu lakukan. Yes, saya ramai kawan yg reluctant utk travel jauh (at same time bekerja) semasa anak2 mereka kecil. Bukan senang nak travel jauh dlm flight bersama baby dan anak2 kecil yang hyper.

    Kalau anda perasan juga, kebanyakan ‘artikel’ saya lebih kepada diari kerja atau pengalaman saya sendiri. so itu adalah saya dan saya bukan berniat utk ria’ atau menunjuk2.

    so. harapan saya ialah bagi yang ingin memanfaatkan blog saya ini, please ambil lah yang positif2 sahaja. yang negatif, jadikan lah sempadan.

    Wallahu a’lam.

    • Biasala manusia..tak boleh tgk org senang…masa kecik2 dulu, saya sekeluarga akan menyanyikan lagu ini sama2 bila ade org mengata kat kami:

      “Tok bulih tengok oghe sene sikit”

  5. Terus terang, saya memang menanti2 tulisan ummusaif.. tak kisah lah di komen section blog ustaz atau di sini. Saya memang salute bila baca di blog ustaz bawak anak2 jalan masa di Thailand tanpa ummusaif. Saya ada 3 je anak pon, kemana-mana, if husband tak ikut, bibik wajib ikut. Tak mampu sorang2.

  6. keep writing doc… luv ur writing… indirectly we might accidently hurt feeling of others but as we said, it’s done indirectly and accidently… not in purpose.. 🙂

    Urusan hati hanya Allah yg mampu menilai kerana hati itu sesungguhnya milik Allah… hati manusia kan bisa berubah2 gitu… sama2 kita doakan semoga hati kita semua terpelihara dari perkara2 yg mungkar..Ameennn..

    Psss…. dr Muna, cemana nak search article dlm blog ni… i’m looking for right diet for breasfeeding mama during this coming fasting month..


  7. ape y tk humble nye pulak. pelik la awk man. you dont hurt her. i cant bear it. she has shared many fruitful info in her writing.

  8. sudah lama tak jenguk web ummu saif….bru hari ni terasa nak jenguk…well…pedas jugak komen2nya…apa kes nih????Tidak salah rasanya apa yang hendak ummu saif utarakan dalam “rumahnya sendiri”……ustazpun sungguh supportive …ibarat cubit peha kiri melekat dekat peha kanan…kalau nak cakap pasal “humble “ramai lg web site org lain yg ” humble” …at least ummusaif mengajar ilmu dlm web nya…so ..Whatever…..

  9. Salam dr muna, what a great adventure you’d been through with ur family. i always dreamed for this get away or vacation with my family, even at the nearer place, like PD. 🙂

    Pasal kes humble ni, saya ada nak sentuh mengenai penglibatan dr muna melalui komen beliau dlm blog ustaz. 1st, dia adalah ISTERI ustaz. Dia akan komen mana yang sebenarnya realiti (derma organ, diet ustaz) sebab pada masa yang sama dia adalah DOKTOR PERUBATAN. 2nd, dia kena betulkan fakta pada masa tetiba munculnya PARA DIETITIAN memberi cadangan dab nasihat, padahal ustaz dalam pantauan doktor, bukan diet semata-mata.

    Teruskan menulis, dr muna.

  10. salam wbt, seronok baca..=) mmg susah travel dgn anak2,tp byk benda kita belajar..bersabar dgn anak2,berkorban kepenatan diri,dll..=)huhu.. dr muna, saya nak tanya soalan out of topic blh? (xtau mcmana nk tanya personally coz xda email dr muna or apa2 contact, jd saya decided utk tanya je dkt sini,. saya skang di ohio, us. as a housewife with 1 3years old daughter and 3month baby boy. saya baru start join english class dkt sini.schoolnya dekat church. tp office dan kelas bukan didalam ruang gerejanya.ada building sendiri satu bumbung dgn church tu. utk english class saya,setakat 2hari ni,sumenya ok.xdala sebarang unsur agama.kecuali bg elektif class yg mmg mereka saya pilih elektif class yg xda kaitan dgn jesus,dll. anak2 saya di nursery yg disediakan. saya ada beberapa soalan yg nak minta bantuan dr mmuna dan ustaz beri pandangan since saya tau dr dan ustaz ada pengalaman di overseas. majority students disitu adalah muslims.drpd middle east saya xsure sejauh mana mereka apply islam dlm kehidupan mrk.

    1. saya dpt scholarship drpd school tu, dan saya perlu membantu mereka utk fundraisers bila ada dijadualkn utk bwt begitu. coodinator program kata duit tu akan perg ke school tu utk perjalanan school tu. soalannya perlu ke saya quiry atau tanya detail lg ttg duit (takut masuk ke church ke..)

    2. perlu x saya risau ttg anak saya (expecially my daughter) diajar ttg kristianity? saya dh tanya coodinator childcare ttg ada apa2 ttg religion x yg diajar,n jawapan dia memuaskan. mereka just bgtau ada god, dan mungkin ada cerita ttg david mcmtu,. dan mostly mereka cite bila berkaitan dgn holiday.contohnya thanksgiving,krismas.. (saya xpernah ada pengalaman mcmni, jadi saya xtau apa yg perlu dirisaukan dan perlu di alert) anak saya ke childcare 3 hari seminggu, 3 jam sehari.

    maaf terlalu panjang..saya harap dr dan ustaz dpt membantu saya dan suami, coz saya risau kptsn saya utk peg ke kelastu akan memberi kesan pd akidah anak saya ni web school tersebut. terima kasih diatas bantuan in advanced..salam wbt.

  11. baru dapat baca blog kak muna.. dah lama tak baca..

    teruskan menulis kak..

    “sharing is caring”:) just follow your heart. Allah lebih mengenali diri kita, so Allah sahaja yang boleh menilai kita, bukannya orang lain..

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