Bagaimana Rasulullah Menangani ‘Populariti’nya?

Hasrizal Abdul Jamil Adakah Rasulullah SAW itu semasa hayat Baginda merupakan seorang yang ‘POPULAR’? Bagaimanakah caranya menguruskan POPULARITI cara NABI?

Ini adalah soalan yang suami saya tanyakan baru-baru ini di halaman ‘wall’ facebooknya.

Menarik persoalan yang dilontarkan. Malangnya hanya kaum Adam sahaja yang mampu dan berani menjawab serta memberi respon kepada persoalan itu.

I can see this discussion was originally started because ustaz wants to find the answer for these questions:


Adakah Baginda kehilangan privasi?

Apakah ada konflik antara sahabat, isteri-isteri, anak-anak?

Apakah ada isu Rasulullah SAW melayan sahabiyyat dan menimbulkan kecemburuan isteri?

Apakah Rasulullah SAW letih dengan kerenah manusia, dan crack down?

Maybe we can conclude that the questions really want to know how the Ummul Mukminin dealt with Rasulullah’s popularity (bare in mind that the children and grandchildren of Rasulullah did not live long).

I am not good with the seerah or quranic verse so i cannot recall any mentioning the wives are acting absurd to other sahabiyyat except is is a fact that even the wives did fight among them. Hadith quotes, they even separated into 2 groups mainly due to jealousy. This shows that no one can deny the fact of this women’s nature even among the ummul mukminin.

How Rasulullah dealt with the ummul mukmin’s tantrum and attitudes? Many ways, but definitely bil hikmah.

But most men especially our daie easily forgot when Rasulullah dealt with his wives, Rasulullah didnt just use hujjah or the verse or seerah but he also use gentle touch, jokes and he was very patient with them. Our pendakwah goes out preaching to others. And when they come home, they forgot to stop ‘preaching’ and sometimes  they forgot that all their family need is only love and affection, hugs and kisses. Remember, action speaks louder…

A good example how Rasulullah was patient to his wife, the big fitnah that Aishah had that Rasulullah went to isolation for 40 days (if i am not mistaken), Rasulullah instead of scolding Aishah, he went to seek Allah’s guidance in peace.

On the popularity issue again, not forgotten, some women did offer themselves to Rasulullah as wife candidates. But Allah guided Rasulullah and chose him the best ummul mukminin. And obviously, cant deny, women nowadays still do offer themselves to married men.

Another issue is the privacy..

I am not really sure about this. Some people say, yes Rasulullah’s life with his wives was not really private because he even told some of the private things regarding his wives to the companions.

But, i don’t think the women at that time went to scream Rasulullah’s name on the road or went near him without chaperone or went to ask question direct to him. Most mukmin ladies asked question to Rasulullah via the Ummul Mukminin. Women at this time looked after their dignity and aurat. Obviously, they didn’t go near Rasulullah just to get his signature… 🙂

One thing we know, the wives were very involved in Rasulullah’s dakwah. They did the teachings among other women and also with the men after Rasulullah’s wafat.

The difference nowadays, not all women have the same ‘job’ as the men. Like ustaz hasrizal is a pendakwah and penceramah BUT i am a doctor, doing teachings in my own way.

Not forgotten, the ummul mukminin didn’t have children (at least whom survived), so there were neither problems nor worries in concentrating the dakwah or job outside the house or being approached by others anytime at their house. Their house = their job = their dakwah.

Some of our daie’s lives today are labelled same like the celebrities ie movie stars or famous singers. Worst, their fans take them as their idols.

On the privacy as well, sometimes the pendakwah were stopped at the public places for questions, saying hello or worst for photo taking.

Photo takings…

If it’s the brother, probably i as a wife, won’t really mind. But if it’s an UNKNOWN woman, unmarried or even married but unaccompanied by her husband came to us just to take photos… i think it’s not appropriate. Worst, if they come to my husband while he is alone and unaccompanied.

When i was still single, i have liked and admired several famous ustaz, ulamas and penceramah but girls at my time didn’t go to these ustaz for photo taking unless we were accompanied by other mahram or married couples (and only during occasions for example during winter gathering).

Ustaz mentioned that it is difficult to say “no” to this, “Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul..”. I just remember how we the students used to learn to say ’ No’ to Irish patients, friends and lecturers regarding hand shaking among non mahrams.

Initially it was difficult, but later on after explanation, they understood and accepted the culture. But nowadays, i sometimes do accept hand shake of other non muslim man if i think the time is not appropriate or not enough time for me to explain to him. Sometimes, a good deed is far more important in giving the good message of islam than giving the wrong impression.

But this situation is different if we want to say ‘no’ to other muslim. Because, ideally all Muslims or Malays should know that it is haram to shake hand between non mahram.

So, same goes with the photo taking. If the girl is a muslim, it should be easy for an ustaz to say no. Make it as a trademark, this ustaz does not take photo with other women without their mahram. Simple. And it should start somewhere.

And this issue does not need to be related to jealousy, but enough with fact that we care for and love our women. We want to teach them, guide them and save them from the Fire.

Did Rasulullah ever crackdown?

Yes, I am sure he did. Otherwise, Allah wont give so much reminders and guidance to him. Remember when Aishah had the big fitnah. Therefore, it is okay to be disturbed with all the tests, but again we must revise and do muhasabah all the times.

Last but not least, to everybody, just be the best to your wife as Rasulullah to his. Never hurt her as she is made of your rib bones (rusuk), which the nature is very fragile and always being well protected..

68000, Ampang.

p/s: if the rib bones are cracked, that means it has to be due to a very very strong impact…


4 thoughts on “Bagaimana Rasulullah Menangani ‘Populariti’nya?

  1. Kak Muna,

    A lot of things to ponder…. Indeed, all of us being tested, be it famous, be it not. Be it poor, be it rich. Let us pray for Allah guidance that we are all will be in Allah path in whatever things we do and whatever things we say.

    Jalan da’wah tak pernah mudah, kan. Hanya orang-orang yang hebat sahaja yang berjaya melaluinya. Berjaya dalam erti kata, pengiktirafan dari Allah nanti. InsyaAllah.

  2. @ummu_hafiy

    True, lots of things to ponder..
    1. you might want to think couples of times before deciding coming back to Malaysia. Definitely, more ujian to husband and wife back in Malaysia.

    2. everything has to be balanced. Aqal n emotions. They r equally important.

    3. Always seek guidance from Allah. Study the seerah and other successful family in the history.

  3. moga diberi hidayah dan kekuatan untuk kak muna dan ustaz hasrizal. Isu yang kak muna bincangkan pun bersesuaian dengan kondisi masyarakat kita,yang kurang ambil perhatian tentang perkara begini.Boleh dikatakan,hal yang tampak kecil[besar nilainya sebenarnya] macam ni,membawa impak yang besar dalam kehidupan kita,baik dai`e ataupun mad`u.

  4. Betul… we cant change something outside our circle of control. Cant argue about it.

    But we r still an ordinary humans. There r times we feel suffocated with this side effect of popularity. Imagine how it is gonna be if the popularity is even ‘worst’?

    Maybe we have to think as well, why the seerah or the hadith never tried to delete all these so call perangai buruk of Rasulullah’s wives?

    To the extend that Rasulullah, till his illness (gering) prior to wafat, he was still hearing this from his own wife for example about the joke where Rasulullah tease Aisyah he will bathe her after she dies. And Aisyah still showing her jealousy in her reply. And Rasulullah only smiled afterwards.

    Imagine, after more than 10 years of marriage she still acted like that!

    Not that i approve blind jealousy, but as i said before, husbands should understand this. When a wife told her husband, she was hurt with whatever he did (or vice versa), sometimes it is not a strong hujjah that she wants (as if u r in a court) but probably just a mere sympathy n a show of understanding.

    p/s: if a wife is jealous after the husband receives so many love messages from other women bcoz the man is a marriage counsellor. Logically, do u think how long the woman’s patient can last??

    p/s: sometimes we have to “berpijak di bumi yang nyata” while applying the theory…

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