Ordinary and Extraordinary


Ummu Saif is getting busier.

She has now returned back to Emergency Department after hopping around from one posting to another for almost a year. I’m still encouraging her to write something here since there were many things happened around these days worth writing about them.

For the time being…

I just wanna say that, one of the reasons why I love my wife is, while all those people around admire me because of the extra ordinary things they see in me but she admires me all because of the ordinary things she found in me.

No one could ever love me the way she does…

I love you my dear… an extra ordinary love from the ordinary husband…

ABU SAIF @ http://www.ummusaif.com
68000 Ampang

10 thoughts on “Ordinary and Extraordinary

  1. I have read your books, “Aku terima nikahnya”. I can understand how “baraqah” give result if we seeking bless from Allah at the early beginning of relationship.

    Those who seek an ordinary will feel blissful when found extraordinary later, but those who seek for extraordinary may easily get upset when found out less ordinary come out. – who? i just make it up,haha.

    keep on running~abu & ummu saif

  2. Salam.

    so sweet.i am very2 much agree.”A great marriage is not when a perfect couple comes together but it is when imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences”
    I know how busy a working mother especially doctor is,but at the end of the day it is so sweet(~~,)!
    I admire how strong and dedicated ummusaif is!

    Barakallahulakum ummu wa abu saif wa usrah..Ameen=)

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  4. Salam….
    Tengok Imad yang sihat dan comey montel, terasa berbaloi pengorbanan Ummu Saif…. Semoga Ummu Saif sekeluarga sihat sejahtera hendaknya, Insya Allah….

  5. That’s what is all about.

    That’s is what we called a marriage when finally we love each other because of what they/we actually are and not what we suppose to be or known as. That’s is something me and my husband finally acknowledge after several months of marriage. At the begninng of our marriage, my husband said for him, love is conditional. We love those who we can ensure that they have or they will scarifies for us and I argued with him with his terms of love. When the times flies he finally admit, in marriage after reach within the level of the core of love, understanding, responsibility and admiration towards each other he love me without reoson and without knowing what he loved most about me. When there is no other explanantion can describe the core of the intimate emotional connection. Oh, and we can only found this in marriage bound by understanding the meaning of marriage.

  6. Ada beberapa peringkat dalam alam perkahwinan. Saya yakin hampir semua orang mengalaminya. Ustaz pun dah elaborate stages ni dlm entri dia.

    Whichever your stage is, always believe in and support your partner.

    “Love is when you do BIG thing for a small thing”.

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